Lectio Divina

YOU are invited to the Gospel Reflections on Thursdays at 7.30pm in the Convent Chapel.
This is not 'STUDY' in the academic sense; you don't have to be a Bible expert! You don't have to commit to coming every week! You can just listen to what others have to share, you are not forced to say what you don't want to say! We are there in the Chapel, in front of the Blessed Sacrament, reading and talking about God's word! We also keep in mind and pray for the needs of the Parish as a whole or those of individuals! What we are doing has been practised by the Church since the time of St Benedict - he called it "Lectio Divina" - we call it Gospel reflections.
It is not difficult, in fact most people do it whenever they watch a 'Soap'. The 'Soaps' on TV often take current issues and put them into a dramatic context to make a point about the subject and we often see newspapers making further comment, because of the slant portrayed by the scriptwriters. When hearing or reading the Gospel we too can dramatise what the Gospel is saying by placing our personal experience into the Gospel Reading.
For instance in the Feeding of the Five Thousand, a story which is mentioned by all four Evangelists, and therefore one which must have significant meaning for Christians, we could well remember when others have descended upon us and somehow, almost miraculously, we managed to feed them.
Did one of the family say "Where can we get enough to feed them?". Even after you fed them, were there quite a few scraps left over? Did it feel almost miraculous to you? Were you amazed that you had got through it?
How did you feel about the event? How must Jesus have felt? How did the Disciples feel?
How did the five thousand feel? - They wanted more of the same and followed Jesus around for days. They thought that this is what 'the Messiah' would do - just as the children of Israel were fed by God when they were with Moses in the Sinai desert. But Jesus just told them that HE was the 'Bread of Life'. Imagine their disappointment when Jesus didn't turn out to be their kind of Messiah.
Has Jesus disappointed you? Has he called you to serve others instead of being served? Are you called to be the bread that is broken and devoured by others for the sake of God's kingdom? We don't have to be scholars to read the Gospel in an intuitive and meaningful way. If a 'soap' can be meaningful and carry comment on a current topic so can the Gospel.
On Thursday 2nd of October at 7.30pm we restarted our weekly Reflections on the Gospel of the coming Sunday. Everyone is welcome to come and share their experience of life to help us put the Gospel into a meaningful perspective. It can also be the beginning of a daily prayer using the words of Jesus' Gospel. As we experience more and more the shortage of priests, we will need to gather to share the Gospel as the early Christians did. The Eucharist might not be available as often as before but the Gospel is our own and nobody is prohibited from using it to inform their lives. It could be the foundation of a new sense of community. It could be a chance to let the Gospel become the foundation of our 'way' of life. Give it a try!!

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